Our premises are infrastructurally excellent.

The cohesion of our dynamic, flexible team is best represented by the fact that our colleages spend 2.5-3 years with us on average. The team’s age on average is below 35 and near 65% of our colleages are women. As a family-friendly employer we provide a firm background for our professionals to build on. We support their families with flexible scheduling, school support, summer daycare, and children’s events.

Our professionals help our Partners via sales and customer support according to our core activities. During recruitment we put significant emphasis on helping them to find the most suitable career for themselves. Thanks to their expertise, our teams conduct hundred thousands of successful transaction each year for the largest domestic and global enterprises.

UCC has more than 300 seats avaiable in their "brick-and-mortar" offices in Budapest, Hungary and Tier 2 services locations in the country.

Development opportunities

Our internal training academy, United Standards of Excellence (USE) allows our professionals to continually develop themselves. We help them not only in their jobs, but also via self-awareness, soft-skill, and leadership trainings to fulfil their ambitions. It is extremely important for us to make sure our employees feel good, since we know UCC’s culture is the key to our success.

Corporate culture

Our Code of Conduct and leadership principles guarantee that our work is not only effective and high-quality, but also enjoyable. Our principles are supporting each other, assertive, open, and honest communication, and a friendly and kind manner. Legal, just, and equitable conduct, and remuneration according to individual efforts and industry standards without any discrimination are paramount for us. These principles apply to all employees of UCC without exception, including owners and executives. Both our conduct and communication towards Partners and colleagues alike must represent UCC’s culture.


We strengthen teamwork not only via team buildings but also numerous CSR programmes. We deem it important to support local communities. We often organize charity events, support local hospitals and child care organisations, and animal protection organisations. As part of Plastic-Free July movement we motivate employees for a conscious, active lifestyle.

Our Offices

United Call Centers has several infrastructurally and ergonomically exemplary office premises in Hungary. We have over 300 seat capacity in Budapest and Tier 2 services locations. Personal and IT-security is guaranteed by modern equipment, card-secured entry, 24/7 CCTV monitoring and reception services. Our offices are easily approachable in their downtown locations, both via automobile, public transport, or even bicycles. They conform to all health and safety and security requirements.