UCC’s management conduct their work in light of approachibility, transparency, honesty, and assertive communication. We found this informal, positive environment to be the most appropriate to support our business model, our goal is to ensure every employee feels good at UCC. Our corporate hierarchy is established as follows.


UCC’s owners started their careers as successful Call Center professionals themselves. With more than 20 years of experience they know which principles enable the creation of a succesful contact center company. They realised the strategic significance of individual and group motivation, and created UCC’s company culture with our leadership as a result of this, which serve as a compass for both the company’s employees and Partners.


The main task of our executives are establishing the company’s strategy and vision, and financial and sales leadership. It is paramount to explore synergies between the company’s divisions and enable effective work on all corporate levels.


Our Directors control service delivery, legal, communication, and HR procedures in their daily work. They serve as a primary contact towards the company and the Partners, and as the leaders of their respective divisions they ensure effective anda precise delivery. They serve as a single point of escalation for both corporate and Partner matters.

Service Delivery Management

UCC is present in numerous industries with over 24 active local and international Partners. In order to ensure uninterrupted daily service delivery we appointed service delivery managers. These professional leaders are fully aware and are trained on the procedures, and serve as the merging point between leadership, operators, and back office.

Team leadership

Team leaders follow the operators’ daily work and give immediate feedback in case of any questions. Thanks to their proactive, effective attitude they can rapidly and dinamically support stable, forecastable processes. They are key in motivation and training of employees.

Call Center Operators

Our colleagues support our Partners’ customers with sales and customer support tasks. They provide exemplary services in several industries, such as the automotive, energy sector, finance, FMCG, eCommerce and Healthcare. They help customers via their people-centric, helpful attitude by phone, email, and social media.