REBot for a Plastic-Free World

Plastic-Free July movement was established in 2011 to reduce the amount of environmentally hazardous, slowly decaying plastics. Participants of the increasingly popular movement refrain from purchasing single-use plastics for the whole month.

In 2018 UCC also joined the movement to help the cause together, since we know protecting the environment should be done not only for one month, but also continually.

You can participate too with the help of our Chatbot system in a playful, interactive way, standing behind the goals of UCC and the society, contributing to the greater good as an individual and as a colleague.

The experiment has shown we can quickly and easily build Chatbots for any creative purpose. The project gave us valuable feedback to our developers, and they upgraded it with useful new functions. UCC’s chatbot can handle complete customer support and sales tasks in any language, whether its Hungarian, English, German, Dutch, Spanish or any other language. It can be integrated with any website, and of course with Facebook to make it easily available.

Bicycle Sharing

At UCC we strongly believe that environmentally conscious thinking can be incepted not only during seasonal challenges, but by continual actions into our everyday life. A company’s CSR programme is successfully if health- and environmental consciousness becomes natural for colleagues, so we can stand for a good cause together with contribution, dedication, leading by example and motivating others.

After our initiative inspired by Plastic-Free July we enriched UCC’s inventory with 80 new bicycles in the fall of 2019, which help your colleagues with commuting in a green, eco-friendly way and keep them fit. One of the greatest advantages of bicycles is eco-friendliness, there is no exhaustion, they are silent, and contribute indirectly to reducing CO, carbohydrate and NO2 emission.

In addition to environmental consciousness cycling has many positive health benefits, it strengthens the heart and circulation, increases fitness, both physically and mentally. Our aim is to provide a comfortable and eco-friendly alternative for daily commuting, whether it is going to work, moving between our offices, or taking them for a family vacation for the weekend.

Physical and Mental Health

Work-life balance and quality of life for our employees is at the heart of our work. As part of this we created many programmes and events which help keep our Family-Friendly Focus, strengthen corporate culture, and make team work more effective.

In addition to the team building and year-end award ceremony we provide childcare free of charge to colleagues, schedule them according to their needs, provide them professional and soft-skill trainings on company time.

Our colleagues can take part in and we strongly encourage CSR activities, whether it is blood donation, charity, reducing plastic use, or sports.