United Call Centers supports prestigious and prominent partners in the entertainment industry with omnichannel customer support. Both inbound customer support and social media management are included in the service. The ergonomically and structurally excellent call center guarantees maximised customer experience, which is complemented by helpful and customer-centric operators. Our Partners echo the expertise and experienced approach of United Call Centers in implementing contact centers. The success of the solutions perfectly fitting our Clients’ requirements are guaranteed by service delivery in a standard environment. Our services are based on ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. The services we provide – on behalf of our Clients – result in improving our clients’ recognition and reputation in the short- and long-term, and improve their competitiveness.

In addition to quality analysis, excellent customer experience is guaranteed by continual training of operators. Exemplary coaching and incentive systems, modern office environment helps to maximise productivity and utilisation. The redundant technological architecture which is the backbone of our operations is under 24/7 expert monitoring. The Business Continuity Plans created in collaboration with our partners guarantee quick and effective change management. The secure information technology systems allow to record, monitor, and listen to inbound calls. This system is capable of accepting large volume of inbound calls and it is available 24/7.

In addition to omnichannel customer support our services also include help-desk, technical support, telemarketing, telesales, and customer satisfaction surveying. Apart from the entertainment industry we support partners representing various different industries. Our Partners include representatives of the energy sector, oil industry, tourism, automotive sector, healthcare, market research, telecommunications, financial technology and food & beverages. The most prestigious firms of domestic and worldwide market all choose the trusted services of United Call Centers for short and long campaigns. We are flexible in accomodating our partners continually changing requirements, and we are ready to implement bespoke, innovative contact center solutions. Our company provides all human capital and technical resources with a high level of service. The scope of our activities are constantly growing, and product sales, conference telemarketing, appointment setting or customer experience monitoring are available as well.