The banking industry and fintech companies all wish to outsource customer services to a trusted, expert partner. United Call Centers has comprehensive expertise in creating contact center solutions, and partners with the most significant representatives of the global and domestic financial companies. Our partners all do echo the customer-centric attitude and the care and attention of United Call Centers. The backbone of our reliable services is the cutting-edge call center unit which conforms to requirements of the SSC industry, and which is infrastructurally and ergonomically exemplary.

Our Shared Service Center in line with ISO 9001:2008 compliance, and the exemplary service delivery working in accordance with this standard guarantees that United Call Centers provides exceptional customer experience. In addition to customer services, our company provides outbound telemarketing and telesales, lead generation and soft collections support with confidence. Our services – delivered on behalf of our Partners – do result in strengthening the recognition and reputation of our partners, and improve their competitiveness.

Not only the financial sector but other industries, such as food and beverages, automotive, the energy sector, the oil industry, entertainment industry, tourism, healthcare, market research and telecommunications are all areas in which United Call Centers provides a high level of customer experience to its partners. Appointment setting, logistics support, help-desk and technical support, customer satisfaction surveying are all in the continously broadening scope of our services. Success is guaranteed by the recruitment of helpful, customer-centric operators, and the continuous improvement and coaching of our teams.

United Call Centers is also proficient in developing bespoke software solutions. Owing to our software development expertise, we can fit our partners’ requirements with high-quality offerings. The software products available often contain functions which are not used by the customer, or they might have internal processes which are not covered out of the box. In this case, we offer our partners to develop a tailored solution together, where they can customize functions and user interfaces. United Call Centers provides the same flexibility in customer service solutions. Our partners turn to our expert contact center implementation team time and time again for custom solutions fitting their requirements perfectly.