United Call Centers has several years of expertise in working with Clinical Trials companies and Contract Research Organizations (CRO). We provide reliable, safe and comprehensive patient recruitment, site onboarding, and pre-screening services. Our unique cloud business model is based on working with mature and experienced native „at home digital professionals”, therefore we can support languages in 150 countries worldwide. Currently, there are over 2000 contact centre professionals in our talent pool, who have multiple years of work experience and who all are proficient in English. As a result, UCC can offer 24/7 solutions covering every time zone with professionals equipped by the required skill-sets. Our „at home services” have been proven since 2008, and it has also been in.

United Call Centers provides high-quality services to its healthcare Partners. We deliver patient recruitment support for all therapeutic areas, and we facilitate multilingual communication between clinical sites and patients. This omni-channel solution allows us to schedule patients using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and increase the efficiency of handholding them throughout the lifecycle of the trial. These intelligent process automation systems also provide self-service platforms, engaging patients through AI and chatbot technology.

UCC’s unique selling points are based on their global scope, native-speaking quality, and flexible and scalable service delivery approach. UCC’s unique pricing model „pay as you go” will ensure optimized efficiency, productivity, and utilisation. This structure meets the constantly changing demand and will result in cost-effective operations. Our experience working with relevant tools and systems, and building secure, encrypted API connections for instant file and data sharing makes UCC a reliable and trusted Partner for clinical trials. We have extensive technical backgrounds, and we can offer toll-free and landline numbers for over 150 countries globally.