United Call Centers pioneers market research and Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI). Short-, mid-, and long-term campaigns, and continual services are all available in the ergonomically and infrastructurally exemplary call center. United Call Centers provides support with a high level of service in various industries for customer satisfaction surveying and also supports back office functions. The technological background can handle a large volume of inbound and outbound calls and it is based on ISO 9001:2008 which is our guide for service implementation and delivery. This enables us to strengthen the brand recognition and reputation of our partners, while guaranteeing excellent customer satisfaction and improving their competitiveness as well.

United Call Centers provides all human capital and technological resources for service delivery, and success is guaranteed by customer-centric, helpful operators. Our omni-channel services allows us to provide outsourced contact centre services including phone, email, and social media. In addition to market research, cold calling, telesales, and customer satisfaction surveying, United Call Centers is a trusted partner in various areas. Database-maintenance, database-cleaning, social media management are all included in our services. We earned our Partners’ trust by practicing a customer-centric approach and expert view, and our Partners all echo the expertise of United Call Centers in the SSC sector.

United Call Centers is experienced in creating solution perfectly fitting our Clients’ requirements. We aim to utilise innovative technological solutions, for example Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to maximise customer experience. Integration of social media and chatbot technology and use of intelligent pop ups enables a high level of customer satisfaction compared to traditional marketing solutions. United Call Centers can provide a comprehensive overview of the service delivery lifecycle using innovative contact center solutions. The comprehense software background of the contact center allows continual, real-time monitoring and QA of the service, enabling service improvement and increased productivity.