The global players of the telecommunication and mobile carrier industries choose the services of United Call Centers for the excellent customer experience and the innovative contact center solutions. Our comprehensive customer support and sales support services enable the services which we provide – on our Partners’ behalf – to improve our Clients’ competitiveness and strengthen their reputation. The experienced, customer-centric operators guarantee customer satisfaction. The ergonomically and infrastructurally excellent, modern call center, and the continuous coaching programmes ensure the effectiveness of operators. Our omnichannel outsourced contact center incorporates all communication channels and allows us to provide services including phone, email, and social media. United Call Centers is certified for ISO 9001:2008 and conforms to all expectations of the SSC industry. This standard environment is the guarantee to the excellent level of services and enables us to handle inbound and outbound calls in a secure, closed system.

The trusted services of United Call Centers include contract renewal in B2C, B2B and fleet segment, new contracts, and selling data options and mobile products. The several decades of contact center expertise of the management guarantees, that customer support results in exemplary levels of customer satisfaction. In light of continual service improvement, United Call Centers aims to increase added value to its partners. We flexibly accommodate the changing requirements of our partners, during short-, mid-, and long-term campaigns as well. We utilize innovative technological solutions (e.g. chatbots, automation, intelligent pop-ups) to help maximize customer satisfaction and increase the effectiveness of the services.

In addition to telecommunications we have partners in many industries. The most prominent players choose the expertise of United Call Centers in the industries of the automotive, energy, oil industry, entertainment industry, tourism, healthcare, market research, food & beverages, and law sectors. Apart from customer support and sales, we also provide help-desk and technical support, appointment setting, social media management, lead generation, customer satisfaction surveying, and back office functions as well. We have earned the trust of our partners with our customer centric approach and expert view during co-operation, and our partners do echo the exemplary performance of the experts of United Call Centers in the SSC sector.