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With Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Ads, banners, chatbots, and automated ads, the number of possibilities is endless. Our service is available at any point in the reach-act-convert-engage process. Traffic measurement, customer and market research and branding are all available.

UCC’s dedicated social media team and sales channel experts can analyze your content, measure traffic and create detailed plans to grow your online community. We are continually monitoring the latest trends and activities and can rapidly adjust campaign to increase reach. Our social media solutions include creating captivating campaigns from the ground up, including content, design and budgeting. Every campaign is meticulously planned providing you with forecasts, status reports, and suggestions for continual improvement.

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Our social media team can help you tell your story and write the next chapter of success.

Website, webshop

Our website makes the first impression about us for customers and consumers, so a professional, quality weblap is a must for every company. We are happy to help our Partners in this area as well, in addition to customer support processes. The quality work of our in-house web development team is available to our Partners as well, we can build tailored websites from design and copyriwting to back-end development covering all areas.


As an additional service we can help our Partners design and manage their complete online and offline brand from planning to publishing. Our designers create quality, daring, and innovative creatives using state of the art tools. We can help designing websites, social media, eDM platforms, newsletters, printed leaflets, roll-ups, office environment, to create a unified image on all places of appearance.

Social media

Social media platforms are advertisement platforms first and foremost, and we are ready to support our Partners from creating banners to developing strategy, to fully utilise opportunities whether it comes to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even Google Ads. Our online marketing professionals help find ideal traget groups, maximising expected reach and conversion by exploring optimal configurations.

Content and ads management

We are using traditional social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, and continually explore the business opportunities from new players in the market such as TikTok as well. UCC’s social media team helps you plan your corporate communication, keeping mind your target audience, your brand values, and the interaction opportunities between customer and company. Our Robotic Process Automation tools help you identify and convert potential customers, and engage them with gamification, satisfaction measurement, promotions, and more. Chatbot technology can help create an immersive brand experience that helps showcase your products and share your vision using visuals adjusted to your brand book.

Consult United Call Centers today for a one-stop-shop solution for social media and online marketing. These services can supplement traditional voice-based services, and increase their efficiency with high-quality self-service options. Our omni-channel model allows you to target and communicate with customers in multiple ways, growing your community and helping them get the most out of your services. Today, every company needs to be present on multiple platforms, and our social media team can help you tell your story and write the next chapter of success.