Comprehensive information flow by chatbot solutions.

We believe that we provide the customers of our Partners access to the required information on all platforms currently available. We are providing live chat and chatbot services, and for the latter we can support our Clients with proprietary solutions or integrate ready-made products.

Chat enables Customers to reach us anytime, anywhere, and receive answers to questions almost immediately. We can support different languages with both native speakers and translation technologies.

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OmniChannel and Multilingual Customer Support Services with Global Workforce


The vast majority of consumers still prefer to talk to agents via phone. We provide Customer Service, Help-desk, Information Line, Order Taking, Telemarketing, Telesurveys, Early Collection, Database building and many more services in over a hundred native languages.


Email is the second most popular customer service channel. Whether if it's Customer support, Tech support, Inquiry Handling, Order Taking or Appointment Setting, email communication with your customers are in good hands.


When your customers can't use their phone but want to reach out to your company as soon as possible, web chat solutions is the most convenient way for a real-time customer experience. Webchat also can lead to a reduction in phone calls and to fewer post-sales customer issues.

Text message

Text messaging is invaluable for private communication in public, for multitasking, or for simply having a conversation at your customers' own pace. SMS is a quick and flexible communication channel your customers are already familar with using.

Social media

If you want to deliver a seamless, brand building, high-value experience to your customers, outsourcing your Social Media support is the right choice. We appropriate service-level response, keeping the balance between being responsive and cost efficient.

Video chat

The rise of the mobile devices, along with several communication platforms keep you in touch with your customers like never before. Video allows for a near face-to-face conversation with an agent. This channel is definitely the future of customer service. Make it avaiable for your organization today!