Employee base customized to your client

Each customer must be provided with a solution that fits their needs. In our changing world where everything is individualized and customized, communication styles and the level of information must be tailored to the need of the customers in order to be successful. United Call Centers’ system allows the optimization of personnel resources by providing the optimum number of agents at the right time, with the right skill, in the right place and with the requested service level. United Call Centers recruits from a pool of worldwide labor market, so home-based agents offer you the variability in resources that our high-paced economy requires. Having access to such a talented group of people will help management easily exceed the mandated service levels while increasing the operational effectiveness of the call center.

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Thanks the unique approach of United Call Centers we can provide our services in any language in the world, providing unlimited opportunities to our Partners and create employment opportunities for the most talented and the most disadvantaged to provide better, more fair, more sustainable and more secure services.

Our home-based call center professionals can support all languages on the native level, and they can work in perfect work-life balance. There are many advantages to working from home: it is secure, cost-effective, and helps manage time.

Brick & mortar

We can be at our Partners' disposal in classic "brick-and-mortar" offices as well with call center and other services. We have infrastructurally excellent office in Budapest, Miskolc and Debrecen, with comprehensive data protection and BCP/DR compliance.