Integration Ability

Exploring required competencies is the cornerstone of every one of our customer support solutions. Our ability to continually change and adapt, along with our technology approach together enable to be pioneers in using the latest trends. The continuous and increasingly dynamic development of the world, and the complexity of tasks demand us to become capable of integration different technology solutions and 3rd party apps in order to serve our Partners in the most effective way possible.

We have explored the synergies between many customer support tool, social media platform, ticketing- and database system, revealing automation opportunites and increasing effectiveness. Our quality management procedures extend to all tools we are using, so we can fully utilise their potential.

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Robotic process-automation reduces your workload, pre-programmed bots replace the need for human intervention, saving you time and energy.


We develop our own chat robots as a customer support company, with customer support attitude, which creates unique solutions on the market for our Partners. Practicality, customer experience, and user freedom guarantee the unprecedented success of our chatbots.

Our chatbot solutions are available on multiple social media platforms, and we are capable of tailoring their visuals to our Partners' image to achieve excellent Customer Experience. The chatbot technology can be used to support every business solution and process, from customer support through sales to HR- and back office procedures.

Robotic Process Automation

As a customer support company with a technology perspective, it was a result of natural evolution that we started developing our own software. Our integration and automation abilities combined with customer service knowledge and expertise results in the success of our applications. In addition to customer support software, we pioneer developing software used by HR and labor on a daily basis, with countless RPA solution.

Our proprietary solutions can be tailored to support any business process, prioritizing the fast processing of large volume, individually simple tasks. This way we can save hundreds of work hours each month for our Partners, so they can spend more time on their core activities.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Data analysis and visualisation is one of our foundational tasks, witch we create according to our Partners' requirements with the greatest precision and using all opportunities for automation. Our goal is to create decision support point for our Partners witch effectively help them in business development.

Our reports are avaiable according to our Parners' need with monthly weekly, daily, or ad-hoc reports, witch provide a 360-degree overview of the status of their business.