Talent Pool Management

Flexible employment methods not only allow, but also require us to plan our HR strategy focusing on continually looking for talent. Searching for colleagues with the appropriate competencies is one of our most important capability and value, and we can provide high quality solutions even in case of temporary staffing.

Based on the quality and success of our unique recruitment solutions we made these available to our Partners as well. Our unique business model allows us to support home-based work and address the global workforce.

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Recruiting & Selecting

Based on two decades of customer support we continually develop our recruitment and selection procedures. Position analysis and establishing a competency catalogue is always our starting point, whether it is sales, inbound customer support or technical support. Our Partners can rest assured we always refer the ideal candidate for them.

Thanks to our unique recruitment and selection procedures we offer quick and cost-effective solution to our Partners, supporting our quality services with exemplary references.

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Temporary Staffing

We have been providing temporary staffing for over a decade, and we are able to support call or contact centers with hundreds of staff this way, helping our Partners to focus on their core activities, while we take care of the whole scope of recruitment, selection procedures, labor administration (onboarding and leaver procedures, payroll).

As a Strategic Partner we can help you find the most flexible solutions, so we can reduce your workload and allow your company to focus on your core activities instead.

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Back office tasks

We also deliver the management of strictly HR-oriented tasks, whether it is payroll, insurance policy, onboarding and leaver process. We provide all the required knowledge and technology to complete the tasks, removing all of this workload from our Partners' internal teams.

With the help of our unique integration ability and technology perspective we increase efficiency using automation and the latest tools, saving hundreds of work hours for our Partners.

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