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The complexity of customer support tasks developed dinamically in recent years, closely following the tech revolution before our eyes. Supporting different software, applications and products is an important part of our service portfolio. During recruitment we always put significant emphasis on mapping necessary competencies, which we supplement with our technology solutions to achieve outstanding service quality and customer experience.

We have several years of experience supporting the world's leading companies, supporting hundreds of consumer electronics products and services all at the same time in multiple languages. Thanks to our unique training methods our colleagues are always up to date concerning the latest product changes.

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Help-desk & Technical Support

In a cloud-based environment, apart from ecommerce or telesales, a technical support call center can be also established in the virtual space, both via voice or live chat. Products, especially consumer electronics, often have advanced features or require maintenance which prompt the end-user to contact the manufacturer’s direct response call center for expert advice. Outsourcing these functions to an inbound call center is an appropriate, cost-efficient measure, since it can be extremely demanding to the product’s manufacturer to respond to all customer service inquiries. This is especially true for multilingual customer service: gathering native speakers of all target countries to the headquarters or a regional office can prompt disadvantageous expenditures to surface both in short term, and in the long run as well. Call center companies find themselves in a difficult position when advertising multi skill demanding call center jobs. The Home Center is a global solution, where the multilingual call center can be fulfilled with an agent who can come from any walk of life, maximising utilisation.

Flexible call center solution

Global capability

Virtual environment

At-home agents

Native language

High level of service

Cloud-based solution

Up selling

Cross selling

Cold call

Lead generation


Market research

This flexible call centre solution is resource model that is perfectly fitting your requirements: ideal for products witch might generate many inquiries at the contact center in many different languages.