Creating value for our Partners is at the heart of our service attitude.

This way telesales naturally became the hallmark of United Call Centers. The majority of our portfolio is built around sales. We put signficiant emphasis on delivering soft skill trainings for our colleagues, which we eestablished based on our expertise gained over 20 years, perfecting the sales strategies for different areas.

Thanks to our proprietary sales processes and training strategies, we improve the recognition and market share of our Partners with hundred thousands of transactions year over year. Our unique business model allows us to support every language with native-speaking agents providing flexible, scalable solutions.

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Telesales, as a multiskill activity requires the agent to perform effectively in a variety of areas.



Market research

Lead generation

and any related task that begins with a cold call.

Value creating journey

Customer retention

Service upgrades


Debt collection

Lead generation

Sales assistance

Appointment scheduling

Cold calling

Acquisition of new customers

Inbound sales

Online sales support

Defining buying personas